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Developing a staff that is willing to go to war for you!

Fan: an enthusiastic devotee: an ardent admirer or enthusiast: supporter, follower, advocate

Everyone knows the extent of devotion, enthusiasm, and loyalty fans will go too. Sports fans will actually fight to defend the honor of their team. Music fans will camp out for days to see a concert. Just look at the bleachers at the Academy Awards to see the lengths a person will go to get a glimpse of someone they admire.

Imagine the effect on your business if its customers were raving fans of your staff. Imagine the effect on the department if your staff were raving fans of your business. Imagine your effectiveness as manager if your staff were raving fans of you.

  • staff need to get their customers to become raving fans of them
  • as manager you must become a raving fan of the business
  • as manager you must get your people to be raving fans of your dept.
  • if you want your staff to be willing to go to war for you, then as manager you must get your people to become raving fans of you

Raving fans are the mortar that holds the “Four Pillars” together. My goal is to create raving fans of my staff, my manager, the CEO, etc. When I have raving fans and I ask them to do something, they are more than willing. And when they are done, I need to spread the word about how well they did.

Raving Fans network and advertise for you – raving fans sell you.

Creating raving fans

How does a person create a raving fan? Simple: Make them feel important – because they are important!

How do you make someone feel important?

Set the example

Remember, as manager you must set the tone for the department and your staff will follow your lead. Staff will adopt what is mentored so you must set the example. For staff to understand who their customers are – you must first understand who your customers are. For staff to discern their customers’ wants and needs – you must first discern you customers’ wants and needs. For staff to get their customers’ to become raving fans of them – then you must first get your customers to become raving fans of you. And remember: your staff is your primary customer.

Stop and give attention

People pay attention to what is important to them and tend to be disinterested in and even neglect that which is unimportant. When I pay attention to you I am behaviorally telling you that what you do, what you have to say, your opinions, ideas, and thoughts are important. In other words, I am validating your worth as a human being. By paying you attention, I am saying “YOU” are important. When you talk to someone make them feel they are the only one there.

When answering your phone and someone asks, “Is now a good time?” Try to respond with, “Yes, for you always.”

When someone needs your time and says, “I know you’re a busy man/woman.” Try to respond with, “You’re right! I’m a very busy man/woman and right now I’m very busy with you. How can I help?”

Don’t get caught up in logistical crap

As human beings we are fallible. We often tend to get used to things, and sadly enough, we even get used to people. We come to “expect” them to be a certain way. Life is often busy and without realizing it we get overwhelmed in being busy and we become human doings. When this happens, we neglect the “expected” and take it for granted. And when we take things for granted we make the mistake of forgetting what is really important. When we neglect what is important, it loses value in our eyes, and if what we are neglecting are people, we lose value in their eyes.

DO NOT continue to work on your computer or paper while talking “at” someone. Multi-tasking is for tasks and people are not tasks.

Let them know their position is important

Keeping focused on every person (not just the staff on the “front line”) is essential because each member of staff is interconnected. Remember: no position is more important than any other. It’s easy to focus on the sales force because that’s where the numbers are produced. And often we wrongly perceive them to be most important. We take for granted the host of staff which enables the sales force to actually produce the numbers. As stated in Chapter 2, if there isn’t anyone to answer the phone, make the copy, confirm the appointment, or follow through with the order, then the best salesperson in the world is impotent at best.


Nothing shows validation and respect more than listening. Unfortunately, most of us are too busy planning what we want to say next to listen effectively and we lose much of the meaning others are trying to convey. When I really listen to what you have to say I am validating that you are important – your opinions, thoughts, and ideas.

Hearing and listening are two separate things. When I hear something – I am a spectator. When I listen – I participate. Listening is an art which must be cultivated if it is to be effective.

(part 1 of 2)

– excerpt from “Inspiring Passion in Your Staff”


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