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Are your employees “Career-Minded?”

Job-minded people “serve time” whereas career-minded people “live time.”  Career-minded people come to work because they want to; job-minded people because they have to.  If I educate my employees on the benefits of being career minded, they become self-motivating, they want to learn and they want to excel.

Job-Minded people view their position and each assignment as just another task to get done before they can go on to something they like.

Career-Minded people understand that each and every thing they do enhances them as a person.  Each assignment is a learning opportunity, which increases their talents, experience, and knowledge, bringing them one step closer to wherever they choose to go – one more step, which broadens their horizon and expands possibilities.  In the truest sense, they are working for themselves, refining their product (which is them).

One valuable exercise is to ask your employee to write a list of ten attributes of “their idea” of the perfect job.  Then ask them to list each in importance of its value.  Next, ask them to identify the driving force (their motivation) behind each one.

This exercise helps a person to:

1)     identify what is important to them,

2)     identify what they value, and

3)     understand why they find it of value, and

4)     possibly reevaluate its importance.

If I determine what I want, the importance with which I value what I want, and why I want it, I have a basis with which to judge my behavior to see if it is taking me where I want to go.  I have direction, and with direction, I am able to set goals, and with goals, I develop vision.  Each goal completed moves me another step closer in fulfilling my vision.

It doesn’t matter what position I currently have.  If I show up dressed for the game, willing to learn, experience, develop my talents and abilities, and grow, I am taking steps to fulfill my vision.  I am refining my product – me.

Develop Staff (80% of employees just show up)

For a department to truly excel, each staff member must be career minded – not job minded.  What’s the difference?

Career-Minded people                                                                                    Job-Minded people

Are doers.                                                                                                          Are clock watchers.

Show up at 7:55.                                                                                                 Show up at 8:05.

Work because they want to.                                                                              Work because they have to.

Show up dressed and serious.                                                                               Are indifferent.

Checks their baggage at the door.                                                                           Lugs baggage in with them.

Are proactive.                                                                                                    Wait to be told to act.

Their mind is on what they want to accomplish.                                                 Their mind is on something else.

Works effectively with other staff.                                                                     Creates territories.

Takes to heart “Who is my customer?”                                                                 Is transactional.

Are open to new concepts and ideas.                                                                 Resists change.

Work becomes a challenge.                                                                                   Work becomes a task.

A manager from the heart must be able to recognize potential in his or her staff’s ability to develop into “career-minded” individuals and then assist them in the process.

Bottom Line: A “career-minded” employee is self-motivated to learn, participate, and initiate results.

(Part 1 of 3)

– excerpt from “Inspiring Passion in Your Staff?”


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