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Standards (pt. 4 of 4) “Moral Standards”

Moral standards entail the concept of Social Responsibility and implementation of the CORE Competencies or values.  Moral standards set the groundwork for personal integrity (having one’s behavior congruent with one’s values).

Story #12  Grandfather

My grandfather was a kind, compassionate, helping, loving, tough, and firm man.  He never lied to me.  He was never mean to me.  And, he never let me get away with anything.

He was generous with his wisdom (I only wish I had appreciated it then) and he was always available to counsel me in times of trouble.

When he spoke to me, he spoke to me – not at me.  He listened to what I had to say and didn’t judge it.  He allowed me to have my opinions, but gave me plenty of food for thought.  He understood my immaturity and my innocence and saw it as the foundation from where I could grow. He didn’t expect me to be more than I was, but encouraged me to be more than I am.  And because he said what he meant and meant what he said, because he was there for me, and because he cared, I honored and respected him.  If he were to ask, I would be willing go to war for him.

In my role of Manager as Mentor I remember the respect and love he had for me and how important that was for my development.  I try to be like him.  I try to live with the integrity he had.  I try to treat people with the same understanding and compassion with which he treated others.

In becoming the “orange” I wish to become, I must ask myself:

.                              How would I like to be treated?

.                             What kind of place do I want to work at?

.                             What kind of world do I want to live in?

Moral standards allow me to respect the inner dignity of each and every other human being.

– excerpt from “Inspiring Passion in Your Staff”


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