Manager's Tips and Tools

by Manager Development Services

Tool #3 Don’t Fear Change – Embrace It!

If you want to change your life, I mean really change it, become willing to change everything.

We are naturally creatures of habit.  We often become stuck in ruts and routines that “suck” the spontaneity and adventure out of life.  Trudging through day-to-day life, we become bored and discontent.  The regular becomes routine, the routine becomes a rut, the rut becomes a habit, and the habit becomes mundane and mechanical. Our lives become mundane and mechanical.  Our lives lose meaning.

Have you ever pulled into your driveway and not remembered the drive home?  Our behaviors become automatic – no thought or attention paid to them.  Where were you during that period of the drive home?…LaLa Land? …Zoned out?  Were you living or merely existing?

If we keep on doing what we’ve always done – we will keep on getting what we’ve always gotten.  If you’re happy and content with what you’ve always gotten, then don’t change a thing.  But if you’re not, then make the effort to change everything.  Change the way you get up in the morning, what you have for breakfast, the route you drive to work, the greeting you give people, your desk or office, the place you have lunch, what you have to eat, your route home, where you shop, how you would eat dinner (turn off the TV, light candles, play music, sit down and talk with your spouse or children), your evening activity, what time you go to bed, the time the alarm is set.  Change every little thing you can think of.

This will be extremely difficult at first and you will find yourself doing the “old rut stuff” without even realizing it.  Change is uncomfortable – it feels unnatural and stressful and it’s scary.  That’s ok – it takes time to change a behavior – it’s a process.

Each day, when you get dressed, put your watch on the opposite wrist it was on the day before. This is a good reminder throughout your day to pay attention to things you can change.  Imagine what life might be like if everything were new and different.

There’s an old saying, “People will only change when it becomes too painful not too.”  But what if we loose fear of change and learn to embrace it?  What if we were able to go through life not knowing and not fearing what to expect next?  What if change became comfortable and we were able to accept life as it happens?  Life becomes and adventure that gets to be lived instead of a task which has to be gotten through.

Life becomes interesting – you become interesting – you will discover new people, new places, new interests, and a new appreciation of your life.

– excerpt from “The Manager’s Toolbox”


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