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Self-esteem Series (11 of 13) “Living with Purpose”

#7  The Pursuit of Self-awareness with Purpose

Who Are You?  Do you really know “who” you are?  Most of us have no clue.  We’ve played so many parts, worn so many masks, done so many dances for so long we’ve lost “us.”  We no longer know who we are or what we really want.  Beaten down by life, jaded by circumstance, distorted by desires, we’ve lost our sense of self.  As John Bradshaw says, “We become human doings instead of human beings.”

Who am I?

I am made up of many parts  –  I play many roles.

– But this iswhatI am.

I am the sum of my trials and experiences  – tribulations and conquests.

– But this iswhenI am.

I am filled with angels and demons  –  sorrow and joy.

– But this iswhyI am.

I am a creation and a part of all.

– But this ishowI am.

Who am I?  I am one  –  unique, yet same

……………………..I am I.

We need to discover who we are and then make an effort to be that on purpose.  We need to celebrate our differences.  No one else has my unique combination of talents, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.  I am rare.  I am special.

When I learn to revel in my uniqueness, I give my goals a conscious purpose – a priority.  I take responsibility for formulating my own goals and purposes consciously.  I identify the actions necessary to achieve my goals, monitor my behavior to check that it is in alignment with my goals, and pay attention to my actions to make sure they are leading me where I want to go.

Like blame, I realize that hoping and wishing are for children in the sandbox.  I must become proactive, take charge of myself, and take charge of my life.

Two powerful tools for “Living with Purpose” are: Masks & LinesandWho Am I?

NOTE:Manager Development Services’ Blog is intended to educate and give “food for thought” that will enhance a person’s personal and professional lives.  You can find our Self-esteem Series in either our text or our e-learning course titled, “Becoming Master of Your Destiny.”


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  1. Your identity is your essence, it is who you are at your core. How to discover your identity is the real trick!

    Comment by Tom Wolf | July 29, 2010 | Reply

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