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Amazing New Resource for Baby Boomers

Boomer TownSquare is a one-stop “Resource Center” for all areas affecting the phenomenon called “baby boomers.”    Boomer TownSquare  is comprised of two main sites that are connected as to appear as one:

Boomer TownSquare “Social Network”


Boomer TownSquare “Resource Center”

Together, both sites create one comprehensive  resource designed to assist boomers in understanding the issues affecting boomers and getting the most out of life.

First of all, Boomer TownSquare “Social Network” is an innovative “social network” where you can interact, connect, communicate, give and get help from others going through the same experiences you are.

Just a few things you can do on your Boomer TownSquare “Social Network:”

  • Connect with old friends, make new friends
  • Use “Live Video or Text Chat” to share wisdom, learn, teach, grow , or just “catch up”
  • Stay Informed with “real time” news stories from 23 top agencies
  • Market Yourself or Your Business
  • Post Blogs
  • Post Articles
  • Post Pictures
  • Post Videos
  • Start Discussions and receive feedback from others
  • Create Groups of family, friends, and like-minded contacts
  • Enter Forums to share insight
  • Post Events to those things important to you

Secondly, Boomer TownSquare “Resource Center” is an aggregate “link site” for “boomer” information.  This site provides articles, blogs, audios, videos, and links to the top sites with the most up to date and pertinent information relating to “boomers” today.  You no longer have to “surf the internet” hoping to stumble on a site that will answer your questions with quality, real time information.

Some of the Topics include:

  • Healthcare  (Prevention, Doctor Locator, Dentists, Hospitals, Ailments, Medications, Emotional Health, Medicare Disability, Insurance Healthcare Reform, etc.)
  • Finances  (Estate Planning, Marriage Later in Life, Retirement Plans, Banking, Insurance, Budgeting, Real Estate, etc.)
  • Retirement  (Employment after Retirement, Retirement Plans, Social Security, Medicare, Personal Finances, Home Ownership, Funeral Expenses, Taxes, etc.)
  • Caring for Parents (Finances, Healthcare, Care-giving, Living Options, Driving, Estate Planning, Funeral Expenses, etc.)
  • Children Living at Home (Adult Children Living at Home) & (Caring for your Grandchildren Living in Your Home)
  • Lifestyle  (Food / Diet, Marriage, Sexuality, Activities, Entertainment, Restaurants, Recreation, Education, Self-improvement, etc.)
  • Travel  (The Best Places, Travel Tips / Advice, The Best Deals, The Best Times, Safety Tips, Travel Agents, Pets, Money Tip / Exchange Rates, Hotels, Restaurants, Cruises, etc.)
  • City Search Guide  (Find restaurants, clubs, doctors, almost anything in any US city)
  • Map Quest

If you are a “boomer,” Boomer TownSquare is for you.

Boomer TownSquare Social Network  

Boomer TownSquare Resouce Center


May 17, 2011 - Posted by | Manager Development Tools

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