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Understanding “Real” Power (part 3 of 4)

The Power of Open Heaven

Open Heaven permits an individual the freedom to aspire, develop, explore, create, and grow without fear or oppression.  Open Heaven encourages responsibility, innovation, inspiration, and passion.  Open Heaven stimulates the creative spirit within each individual.  People innately want to make a difference, to matter, to achieve.  Open Heaven affords them the safety to risk making mistakes, to attempt new things, to perceive new concepts, to aspire beyond self-imposed limits and realize their potential.

Open Heaven acclaims the benefit of interconnectedness.  Individuals are encouraged to rely on and help others for the betterment of all.  In doing so, each individual is empowered with the collective purpose and passion, which is generated by the whole.  Open Heaven validates the significance of each and every individual and esteems their privilege to participate in the process.

This “levels” the playing field by encouraging each and every individual to participate in a process of community, which is greater than themselves.  Open Heaven recognizes the contribution each individual makes by his or her unique perspective and values each contribution as worthy of consideration.

Once, I and several other managers were huddled together, discussing a problem which had caused our staff frustration for months.  Our maintenance department needed to perform daily adjustments (preventive maintenance) on our conveyor belt system.  Maintenance and production staff were constantly irritated with one another.  Maintenance couldn’t perform the adjustments when production was using the belts and production would get behind if maintenance caused them to wait.

While we were discussing how to reallocate personnel, we heard a voice behind us say, “Why don’t you just have maintenance come in an hour earlier?”

As we turned around, we saw one of our custodians sweeping.

“Bring ‘em in an hour early.  Have ‘em adjust half the belts then, and at lunchtime when the production crew is eating, have maintenance adjust the other half.”

Problem solved!  What was a problem for several managers to see was obvious to a custodian.  All it took was a second set of eyes and a fresh perspective.  This custodian is the one employee which was on the floor all the

time, observing everyone.  His contribution, in this instance, was far more valuable than a huddle of managers.

This is a prime example of concept #7:  “No position is more important than any other.”  Humility, one of the CORE Competencies, dictates respect and equality for the inner dignity of each and every individual.

*          *          *          *          *

Empowering Your People

Over the years, I’ve learned that I am extremely blessed for I get to work with absolutely wonderful people.  They just don’t know they are – yet!  Through my roles as Human Being, Counselor, and Mentor, I can guide an individual to discover who they are and who they can be.  I can help them realize that the limits which restrain them – hold them back – are of their own making.

With my direction, an individual can begin to question the limits they have placed upon their own selves.  As they gain strength, they begin to venture out of their confinement to explore new possibilities and define their purpose.  They slowly begin taking responsibility in directing their lives by understanding their ability to tap into their own inner power.  They become self-sufficient, self-motivating, self-sustaining success factors in their own lives.

Each individual gradually becomes motivated to take charge of their personal destiny.  Defining their individual purpose and vision, they learn to appraise the effectivity of the success factors necessary to achieve personal goals.  They are able to set personal standards, which empower them to devise and conduct a process which will fulfill their vision.  They understand that only they are responsible for creating the life they dream.  They alone are responsible for executing the process which will succeed in the attainment of their hopes, their dreams, and their wishes.

Whether my employees remain in my department or decide to fulfill their purpose and vision elsewhere, they engender a perspective of reality which bestows confidence to question oneself – the essence of self-awareness.  And with self-awareness comes self-actualization.

I do not empower my employees.  I cannot empower my employees.  They must empower themselves.  I can only show them the road which will lead them to personal empowerment.  It is they who must travel that road.

-excerpt from “Managing from the Heart – A Way of Life”


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