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Understanding “Real” Power (part 2 of 4)

The Power of Choice

Utilizing my power of choice enables me to define my destiny.  I can decide if I want something which is right and good for me or something which is unhealthy.  It allows me the opportunity to integrate emotion with intellect, which offers me the opportunity to generate discipline – if I so choose.  I respond to life instead of react to life.  When I take responsibility for my choices, I optimize my innate talents and abilities which will allow me to achieve.  And my worth is inherent in these talents and abilities, not in my achievements themselves.  It is these talents and abilities which enable me to go anywhere and succeed in any endeavor I may so choose.

A competent staff, nurtured within an Open Heaven environment and liberated by responsibility of choice, are proficient in problem solving and averting crisis.  Since they are given and assume the power to affect their environment, each individual becomes proactive in addressing anything and everything which interferes with his or her effectivity.  Stress, fear, anger, confusion, apprehension, and doubt are signals for the individual to open their eyes wider – not shut them.  When confronted with something they alone are unable to deal with, they are secure enough in themselves to choose to ask for help.

One main difference between this staff opposed to a “traditional staff” is that this staff is motivated by inspiration and not fear.  Inspiration is self-sustaining and nurtures development of an individual.  Fear, on the other hand, is destructive, instilling indifference, resentment, or even defiance.

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The Power of Observation

As discussed in previous chapters, the ability to observe effectively and with vigilance generates power.  Observation alerts me to dangers and opportunities which can then be addressed.  The more proficient I become at this art, the more advantage I have.  Since few people catch half of what’s actually going on around them, I am able to reap benefits, take advantage of opportunities, and avert crises others don’t even know are there.

In recognizing red flags, I can prevent potential problems.  By surveying politics, personalities, and territories, I can safely traverse minefields, avoiding disaster.  By anticipating anarchists, I can stop dissension before it infects my staff.  In identifying self-defeating behaviors in myself and others, I can prevent sabotage.  By understanding human behavior and reading body language, I can read motivation and intent and perceive quality of character.

Observing engenders knowledge, and knowledge, if integrated with the heart, generates power.  Being forewarned is being forearmed.  Vigilance in observing greatly decreases the possibility of being blindsided.  It allows me to be prepared.

-excerpt from “Managing from the Heart – A Way of Life”


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