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Instilling “Ownership” in Your Employees (part 1 of 2)

Managing from the heart is not about being all warm and fuzzy, but creating an environment where individuals excel because there is an Open Heaven and standards in place that are guidelines which lead to success.

These guidelines are, in essence, systems that must be established, maintained and “tweaked” as needed. It does not mean everyone has to be a clone, but rather, each person, using their individual talents and strengths within the structure, helps to meet the demand of a growing business. It is important for a manager to observe each employee’s progress in having ownership.

Of their Position:

When an individual has ownership of his or her position, they remain vigilant in their concern of the health of the business.  They remain aware and interactive in monitoring the “pulse” of the business.  They are quick to alert others of problems and are creative in problem-solving suggestions.  In short, they become proactive and have a vested interest in the success of the business.

A job no longer becomes “work” – but instead, becomes a passion.  They take pride in their position and view it as an integral part of the whole.

As manager, I must instill “ownership” in each and every one of my employees.  By letting them know how important their position is and how the entire department’s level of success is influenced by their effectivity; I validate their importance and the need they serve for the rest of the department.

In order to nurture them in keeping ownership, I must include them in all decisions concerning their position.  I must also solicit input on all other areas which influence their position.  I find it easier to be respectful of their position as being theirs if I equate it with say – their “violin.”  If I wanted to do something with their “violin” or change it or use it, I would first ask for their input and then for permission.

Contrary to a traditional managerial style which views all positions as his possessions and his people as tools (objects) to be used, a Manager for the Heart has no possessions.  Each position is the possession of the individual in that position.

By giving an employee “ownership” of his or her position, each becomes an indispensable component of Process.

– excerpt from “The Manager as Orchestra Leader”


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