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How do You make Someone Feel Important?

Success in business is all about relationships.   Make raving fans of the people in your personal and professional life and you can’t help but have personal and professional success.

But how do you make raving fans?  The first step is to make them feel important – because they are important.

And how do you make someone feel important?  Simple:

People pay attention to what is important to them and they’ll ignore and even neglect that which is unimportant.  When I pay attention to you I am behaviorally telling you that what you do, what you have to say, your opinions, ideas, and thoughts are important.  In other words, I’m validating your worth as a human being.

By paying you attention, I’m saying “YOU” are important.

When inviting someone into your office, do just that — INVITE THEM.

And if you think of them as a guest, this process will be easy and genuine.

When you shake their hand, look them in the eye, – smile, – hold their hand for just a split second longer than people usually do, – and then welcome them into your office.

When you talk to then make them feel they are the only one there.

Invite them to sit down.  And make sure you have them sit between you and the door.

Then excuse yourself for just a second.  Turn off your cell phone, turn off you’re the monitor on your compute, ask you secretary to hold your calls or mute your phone, and it’s important that you make sure they see you doing all this.

When you sit down, sit at the same level as they are.  Never stand over anyone when talking to them.

Next, actively listen to them when they talk!!  Face them and lean slightly forward when they speak.

Give them feedback with your body language.   Nod approvingly and smile – shrug your shoulders when appropriate.

Give them feedback with questions.  “Are you saying?”  “Do you mean?”

Never interrupt.  Always give them time to finish.

Often I’ll have someone will come into my office and say, “I know you’re really busy”…or…they’ll say “I know you’re a very busy man.”  And at this point, I will interrupt them (and this is the only time I will ever interrupt anybody) at this point I say, “You’re right I am really busy, and right now, I’m really busy with you.  How can I help.”

Sounds corny?  Well it probably is, but in this case, corny is powerful.

Understand, at first, you’ll feel awkward.  But I guarantee you’ll soon like it and the results it produces.

Success in business is all about relationships.   Nurture your relationships and you nurture your both personal and professional success.

– excerpt from “The Manager as Engineer of the Work Environment”


April 15, 2011 - Posted by | Manager Development Tools

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