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What are the Best Interview Questions? (part 3 of 5)

Interviewing someone to fill a vacant position can be daunting for a manager.  Many managers just don’t know what to ask or why to ask it.  In our book, “The Manager’s Toolbox,” we have 67 questions that can guide a manager through the interview process.

A “Manager from the Heart” hires to the position, while keeping the “bigger picture” in mind.  I   look for someone who will be compatible to working in an “Open Heaven” environment.  I want someone who is teachable.  I can do almost anything with someone who is teachable.

First of all, I am the one who interviews the individual, not someone from personnel.  It’s important I chose my staff and not someone who will never see them again and has no idea what I want in my staff.

30.  What frustrates you about working on “team projects?”

This will give them an opportunity to complain about previous projects they’ve worked on.  This should give insight to how much of a team player they really are and how much responsibility they’re willing to accept.

31.  What frustrates you about coworkers?

You can tell a lot about a person by what they dislike in others.

32.  What problems have you experienced with coworkers?

This can tell me if they have a tendency to blame others, own up to their part in a problem, and whether they accept (or shirk) responsibility.

33.  What have you learned from these experiences?

This tells me the level of honesty and insight of this individual.  By reading body language, I can gage truthfulness.

34.  How would you apply that knowledge to this position?

This will tell me how much this person really knows about the position they are interviewing for.   It is also a good indicator how adept this individual is at applying what they have learned.

35.  What type of individual would you not be able to work with?

Again this is a good indication of what this individual is really like.  Most people do not like to be around people who exhibit qualities they dislike in themselves.

36.  What frustrates you about supervisors or managers?

This can be a good indicator of the individual’s willingness to follow direction, comply with standards, and interact with others.

37.  What problems have you experienced with supervisors or managers?

Again, I’m looking for honesty and willingness to accept direction.  This also indicates the individual’s ability to resolve differences.

38.  What have you learned from these experiences?

Can this individual learn from their mistakes or do they play the victim role.

39.  How might you apply this knowledge to this new position?

Is this person able to change behaviors when they are unhealthy?

40.  What has disappointed you about your jobs in the past?

I’m looking for what this person expects in a job.  Are they willing to work or just show up.  Are they Career-Minded or Job-Minded?

41.  What have you learned from these disappointments?

Again, are they able to apply what they have learned?

42.  What would be the ideal job for you?

Again, are they Career-Minded or Job-Minded?

43.  What would you consider your ideal workplace environment to be?

I want to know if this individual lives is reality.  Are they willing to contribute or just take?

44.  What exactly would you be looking for in this position?

This ties the previous eighteen questions in to pinpoint what this person expects working for me.  I’m looking to see if they will “fit,” not only in this position, but in an “Open Heaven” environment.

45.  How long would you expect to work for us if you were hired?

It this just temporary for this individual?  I’m looking for a long-term “fit.”  If I’m going through the time and expense of training and mentoring this individual, I want it to be worthwhile.  Someone who is planning to go off to college at the end of the summer or get married to somebody with two kids and be a stay-at-home parent won’t cut it.

–  excerpt from “The Manager’s Toolbox”


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