Manager's Tips and Tools

by Manager Development Services

Tool #99) The Freedom of Responsibility

As Instructor, I must also tutor my employees on the power and freedom that come from the taking and giving of responsibility for the choices they make.  They must learn that all they really have power over are the choices they make, and all they really have control over is their attitude.

When an employee accepts responsibility (chapter 9) for the choices he or she makes, we can get down to taking care of business.  We don’t waste time arguing or debating who did what or didn’t do what.  We can identify and understand the problem, find a solution, and become proactive.

  • Identify the problem.
  • Understand the problem.
  • Find a solution:

What worked?  Why did it work?

What didn’t work?  Why didn’t it work?

  • How can we change what didn’t work to make it work?
  • Get proactive.

Usually, employees don’t want to accept responsibility out of fear of penalty; disfavor, embarrassment, loss of position or standing, etc.  But in Open Heaven, staff knows that the manager realizes mistakes will be made from time-to-time and won’t judge the individual, but instead, is willing to assist them.  This allows the individual to focus on problem solving, not “ass saving.”

Bottom Line: This saves time, energy, effort, and productivity.

– excerpt from “The Manager’s Toolbox”


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