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Do you have a saboteur in your department? (part 1 of 2)

An “Open Heaven” work environment is an environment in which each individual feels safe to pursue their unique potential. Unfortunately, there are individuals who are constitutionally incapable of being honest, either with themselves or others. These people fear success (remember “happiness anxiety”). They also fear failure so much so that they will never even attempt to reach their potential (if I don’t try, I can’t fail). These individuals will never understand nor will they accept the concept of “Open Heaven.” It’s not that they can’t change, it’s that they won’t. And because they won’t, they will work to sabotage others and the process itself. These individuals are called Anarchists.

Anarchists may or may not necessarily be “bad” people, looking to harm others. But they refuse to become real. Whether from fear or ignorance, they live in a world of shadows, in which persona must be preserved, image maintained, and ego protected. They refuse to be honest, to communicate, to trust. Because they are unhappy, dissatisfied, or frustrated with life, they solicit sympathy and company. In other words, they want others to be unhappy, dissatisfied, or frustrated also (misery loves company).

Anarchists are experts at covertly spreading negativity, subterfuge, confusion, and chaos.

They’re masters at injecting gossip, implying accusations, questioning motives, and manipulating complaints in an effort to pit peer against peer, and especially, peer against management. Like cancer, Anarchists are malignant and will infect Open Heaven before most people will even realize anything’s happening.

Anarchists MUST be weeded out immediately.

Since they are so toxic, I must be able to identify and “weed out” Anarchists as soon as possible.

A traditional manager wouldn’t care how an employee thought or felt as long as it didn’t affect his bottom line. Only when (not if, but when) his bottom line is affected, he will send out his spies on covert missions while he threatens and commands, controls and commandeers. The result: he plays right into the hands of the Anarchists. The manager, himself, will effectively pit employee against employee, and employee against management, creating mistrust, suspicion, backbiting, alliances, resentment, and inevitably – more Anarchists.

The delicate part when Managing from the Heart is how to weed out Anarchists without violating the integrity of Open Heaven, thus causing even more damage. In Open Heaven, all a manager needs to do is be observant, and the Anarchists will betray themselves. All a Manager from the Heart needs is eyes and ears – no spies. Spies are by nature deceiving and self-serving. Anyone who will deceive a peer will also deceive me. It’s the nature of the beast. The ironic thing is: everyone already knows who the spies are anyway.

A Manager from the Heart lives in reality, admitting that what is, is, and what is not, is not. Fear, pain, suspicion, anger, disappointment, and confusion are signals to open my eyes wider, not shut them. Emotional illness is avoiding reality at any costs, while emotional wellness is accepting reality at any costs (see chapter 9 of “Managing from the Heart – A Way of Life”).

Remember earlier I talked about “following your gut?” Simply by observing, my gut will begin to speak to me. There’s nothing magical about it. Whatever is in the orange will come out – will be radiated. I just need to pay attention, observe the culture and monitor my staff’s pulse, and I will see what’s in every orange. Then it’s time to do a Reality Check.  Tomorrow, we’ll discuss one of the most powerful tools in a manager’s toolbox.

– excerpt from “The Manager as Orchestra Leader”


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