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MDS Manager Training Books are now on iPad, Nook, Kindle, & Sony Reader!!!




We at Manager Development Services are proud to announce that five of our titles for training managers in the “art” of managing people are now available in Apple’s iBookstore for iPad.  These titles and others will soon be available through Kindle, Knook, Sony Reader, iPhone, and Droid as well.

As our by-line states, “At MDS we do one thing and one thing only; we specialize in training managers in the ‘art’ of managing people.”  We don’t teach “number-crunching,” market analysis, or statistics (there are already plenty of great programs out the for that).  We teach managers what nearly all schools and programs are missing – how to reach, relate, collaborate, and connect with a manager’s most valuable asset – his or her people.

Most managers become managers because they are very good at whatever it is they do.  But unfortunately, few are ever trained in the “art” of managing people.  And believe it or not, managing people is an “art.”

These five titles currently available on iPad are:

  • Managing from the Heart – A Way of Life
  • The Manager’s Toolbox
  • The Manager as Engineer (developing a staff that is willing to go to war for you)
  • The “Art” of Counseling Staff
  • Working from the Heart – A Way of Life


“Managing from the Heart – A Way of Life” is a comprehensive training manual on the “art” of managing people.  Most managers are promoted to that position because they are very good at whatever it is they do.  Unfortunately, few are ever trained in how to effectively manage their people.  This book teaches the skills necessary to inspire your employees to achieve long-term sustainable results.

This text examines a radical new business philosophy, which celebrates the inner dignity of very company’s most valuable asset – its people. Imagine a staff which is self-motivated and inspired to produce long-term sustainable growth for both themselves and the business. Learn how to develop “Career-Minded” employees instead of “Job-Minded” employees. Discover the power of creating “Raving Fans” out of your customers. Learn how to inspire your staff to become willing to go to war for you. Unleash the unrealized potential hidden in each and every human being.


“The Manager’s Tool Box” is designed to be a “quick reference” guide to using tools that will enhance the quality and productivity of any person’s life. This is a more defined list of tools mentioned in the book, “Managing from the Heart.” Some tools are used to change unhealthy behaviors; some are used for attitude adjustments, some for effective interaction with people, some for emotional growth, some for spiritual growth, and some for living in reality.


“The Manager as Engineer (developing a staff that is willing to go to war for you)” examines the five roles a manager employs on a daily basis. How well a manager performs these roles will determine the quality and effectiveness of the workplace. Engineer a positive, proactive workplace and employees will become “vested” in the business and collaborators with management. Engineer a negative, authoritarian environment and employees will become adversaries. This book explores the benefits and power that comes from effectively utilizing these five roles to create a successful workplace.


“The ‘Art’ of Counseling Staff” Counseling is just one of the many roles a manager performs in his or her daily duties.  Like it or not, the manager is a counselor and counseling is an “art.”  Learn the objectives of counseling and develop effective techniques to uncover what is really going on in your department.

This book examines ten different types of counseling sessions for both individuals and groups. It explains how to recognize when a particular type of counseling session is needed, the objectives of the session, how to conduct the session, and most importantly, how to resolve the issue.

You will learn what “Red Flags” to look out for to identify when an employee is in trouble. You will learn how to read body language to uncover the real story. You will learn how to identify when someone is lying to you, recognize and deal with “control freaks,” and avoid burnout. By identifying “red flags,” reading body language, floating balloons, and pealing the onion, you will also learn how to get to the heart of an issue and identify the “primary problem.”

Like it or not, the manager is a counselor and counseling is an “art.” And the manager who ignores this fact will find themselves dealing with crisis after crisis.


“Working from the Heart – A Way of Life” What’s the difference between a job you have to go to every day and a career which becomes a passion? The answer is simple – You. You make the difference whether your life is a task which has to gotten through or an adventure which gets to be lived. Everyone wants to be successful, but few know how to get there. This book examines a Process in which an employee can develop a personal philosophy which will lead him or her to excellence.

This book is for the employee and is designed to instruct him or her how to take charge of their lives by becoming vested in the success of the business.   He or she will learn the power of interconnectedness and how everything they do shapes their ultimate product – themselves.


Look for these and other titles on iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, and Droid.


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