Manager's Tips and Tools

by Manager Development Services

Tool #83) Setting Vision

As a manager, you must have a true long-term vision and be passionate about it while, at the same time, you are living in reality.  This is what keeps you sane.  Part of the “art” of managing from the heart is surrounding yourself with people who also have vision.

As manager I must manage to the “vision.”  This means that a manager manages in the void between “now” and “vision.”  As discussed in chapter 7, I must set my vision and then back up to today (my now).  This will give me the progression of steps needed to fulfill my vision.

My purpose as manager is the success of both the business and my staff.

Purpose + Vision + Goals + Initiative = Success

Purpose: the inherent value of being; motivation; the intrinsic meaning of one’s existence.

Vision: the ability to perceive possibilities.

Goal: a desired state of affairs of a person or of a system.

Initiative: introductory series of steps taken to cause a desired result

Success: long term sustainable growth.

When I have set my vision, I then must back up to my “now.”  I break down the journey to reach my vision into multiple steps.  Each “vision step” is a step solely unto itself, but must build upon the previous step.  Each of these “vision steps” becomes a goal.


1.  Ask your employee to write down their “vision” of where they want to be in their career five years from now.

2.  Now ask them to “back up to today” and write down the steps needed to reach their vision.

– excerpt from “The Manager’s Toolbox”


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