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iPhone and iPad Apps are Here!!!

As promised, apps for iPhone and iPad are now here!!!

“Managing from the Heart – A Way of Life”


(a complete and comprehensive manager training course on your phone!)

Develop a staff that’s willing to go to war for you!

“Managing from the Heart – A Way of Life” is a complete and comprehensive training course for managers on the “art” of managing a company’s most valuable asset – its people.  Most managers are promoted to that position because they are very good at what they do, but few are ever trained how to effectively manage their employees.  Most manager training courses focus on the logistical aspects of managing, but neglect the most important part of managing.


When we say comprehensive, we mean just that.  This course consists of 139 audio episodes (perfect for commutes) taken directly from the e-learning course and book also titled, “Managing from the Heart – A Way of Life.”

Just a few of the things you will learn are:

  • how to develop Purpose and Passion in your staff,
  • reclaim your inherent power,
  • create raving fans,
  • monitor the “pulse” of your staff,
  • put the “I” in TEAM,
  • effectively mentor and counsel your staff,
  • conduct 11 different counseling sessions,
  • start up a department,
  • inherent an established department,
  • discern “success factors,”
  • remote manage,
  • set and monitor both vision and goals,
  • identify “anarchists,”
  • identify and avoid burnout, and
  • effectively conduct your staff like a finely tuned orchestra.

We at Manager Development Services are proud to offer our transformative, innovative philosophy in such a convenient way.  So,

learn how to develop a staff that’s willing to go to war for you.


(click to view in iTunes App Store)


February 6, 2011 - Posted by | Manager Development Tools

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