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“Personal Development Series” now Available for Download!!!

Manager Development Services is proud to announce its “Personal Development Series” is now available through our website.  Currently, our “Personal Development Series” consists of five recorded and edited, LIVE Workshops on both personal and professional growth (more are in the works).

Download to your iPod or MP3 Player or burn a CD for your commute.

The Power of Self-esteem: a self-fulfilling prophesy  (63 min.)

Live Workshop (Personal Development Series) – Our level of self-esteem directly influences our behavior and our behavior, in turn, directly influences our level of our self-esteem.  Our behavior will result in validating our beliefs.  These beliefs become a self-fulfilling prophesy often causing us to sabotage the one experience we want most in life because on some deeper level we believe we don’t deserve it – we’re not worth it.  Learn how to develop healthy self-esteem and become master of your destiny.

Why Do You Shoot Yourself in the Foot?   (68 min.)

Live Workshop (Personal Development Series) – Self-defeating beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors create anesthetizing habit patterns which keep us stuck in the past and prevent us from living life on an integrated conscious level. We end up living life on auto-pilot and are prevented from responding to our most precious moments in life – the here and now. We must reclaim power over our lives and stop allowing outside people, situations, and influences to have control over our lives. Life must become a series of new moments and not a stagnate reflection of our past. As children, we may be victims; but as adults – we are volunteers. Let’s take a look at some self-defeating behaviors which make our worst fears come true and learn what to do about them.

Developing Healthy Relationships   (50 min.)

Live Workshop (Personal Development Series) – All of us have certain wants and needs. Our wants and our needs are important – no more important than anyone else’s; but no less important either. All of us desire to have our wants and our needs met and we seek to accomplish this mostly through relationships. We deserve the relationships we have. By that I mean, we deserve the relationships we allow. The relationships we form can range from nourishing to toxic. Let’s look at what makes a “healthy” relationship and how to develop relationships which are good for us.

Setting Healthy Boundaries   (28 min.)

Live Lecture (Personal Development Series) – The second most important tool in any relationship, Boundaries enhance relationships by opening the lines of communication. Boundaries allow people to actively participate in a relationship by openly and honestly conveying an individual’s want and needs, thus giving the other party a choice. A boundary is an imaginary dividing line between me and others which distinguishes an area within which I feel safe. This “line” represents limits others may not violate. These limits aren’t just physical, but intellectual, emotional, and even spiritual as well. These limits will define certain behaviors I will or will not tolerate. I have a right to feel safe in my environment and I have a right to tell others how I wish to be treated. Without boundaries, I will not know when I am being physically, emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually violated.

Resentment – The Pain that Keeps on Giving  (45 min.)

Live Workshop (Personal Development Series)- Because we are vulnerable, we often experience hurt in our lives. Pain resulting from a blow to our self-esteem can cause humiliation or shame. Although the injury may be imagined, we still feel real pain. If this turns into resentment, we recall the painful details of the incident and feel the emotions of the experience as though it just now happened. The memory may seem haunting, and we’ll wish to be free of it, but we continue to hold onto it – refusing to let it go. This workshop is designed to help us end dwelling on past pain that resentment or holding a grudge can cause. It may allow us to think about past grievances without feeling pain. Learn how to let go and free yourself from bondage of the pain.

Manager Development Services is dedicated to both personal and professional growth.    For free, real world information and tools, visit our “resource site” for managers:


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