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Self-esteem Series (5 of 13) Victims or Volunteers?

These beliefs are almost always subconscious and are never articulated.  Beliefs like these need to be challenged – externalized, examined, and if false, changed.  We do this by:

1) consciously changing our self-talk from negative to positive,

2) filtering the information we take in,

3) analyzing our conclusions we draw from the information, and

4) monitoring the evidence we use to support our conclusions.

As children we may be victims; but as adults—we are volunteers.  It’s time to get off the pity pot—stop wallowing in our own misery.  We need to stop hiding in our sorrow, blaming everyone and everything else for our plight. – the past is only education, if you let it be.  We can’t change it but we can learn from it. All that we have is today and we CAN change today.

I do have worth!  I am loveable!  Not because of what I have or what I achieve, not because of what others think or feel of me, I am loveable just because I am unique.  I am me and there is only one me and there will ever be only one me.  No one in the history of creation has ever possessed my unique combination of talents, ideas, feelings, opinions, values, beliefs, morals, hopes, and dreams.

My wants and dreams, my values and beliefs, my thoughts, opinions, and my feelings are important.  No more important than anyone else’s – but no less important either.

Two powerful tools for “Acceptance of Self” are: Mirror Work and Paying & Accepting Compliments.

NOTE: Manager Development Services’ Blog is intended to educate and give “food for thought” that will enhance a person’s personal and professional lives.  You can find our Self-esteem Series in either our text or our e-learning course titled, “Becoming Master of Your Destiny.”


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